donderdag, december 21, 2006

Wireless Internet, the American Way

Goede raad van een collega van Sofie op de vraag: "Wat nemen we best voor wireless internet?"

If you don't like cable, then the only other solution is to download netstumbler and see if a neighbor has a wifi access point that is not encrypted. You can also view available wireless networks in the control panel. If it is a strong connection then it is just as good as having your on fast internet connection.

You may have to try various windows in your house and might have to install a directional antenna. Or might have to put an antenna on the roof.

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Pieter zei

Hehe, wij hebben ook zo de eerste maanden (internetmattig) overleefd. Ongelooflijk hoeveel onbeveiligde netwerken je zo niet kan vinden.